LDC 2019 covers the laser display / lighting technology in the following major topical fields;

  • A.Lasers and light sources

    Visible lasers, LED, Solid-state light sources, Phosphor, Fluorescent materials, Wavelength conversion materials, Optoelectronic materials

  • B.Optical components

    Spatial light modulator, High-speed scanner, MEMS, Active-matrix integration, Projection components, Display drivers and interfaces

  • C.Imaging / Lighting Technologies and Devices

    Projector, 3D imaging, Holography, Head worn display, Eyewear, Laser backlight unit

  • D.Image / Lighting Quality and Human Vision

    Speckle, Color speckle, Image quality evaluation, Color reproduction, Color management, Color appearance, Eye safety, Laser safety

  • E.Systems and Applications

    Projection TV, LCD, 3D, Projector, Head mounted display, Eyewear, Lighting technology, Touch technology, Biomedical imaging, Industrial imaging, Laser entertainment, AR, VR, MR, XR, Wearables

  • F.Laser Applications for Automotive

    Headlight, Rear light, Fog light, Rear fog light, Head up display, Console display, Light carpet, LiDAR, Vehicle communication, Environment sensor

  • G.Novel and emerging technologies

  • H.Measurement and Standardization

Joint sessions

The session with LEDIA and IP will be held.