Plenary Talks

  • Brian Schowengerdt (Magic Leap Inc.)
    “Optical Architectures for Mixed Reality Wearable Systems”
  • Masatoshi Ishikawa (University of Tokyo)
    “Interactive Dynamic Projection Mapping Using High-speed Display and High-speed Image Processing”
  • Masahiro Murayama (SONY)
    “Visible Lasers for Display and Lighting Applications”

Invited Talks

  • Takehiro Nishida (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.) *
    “Reliability improvement in 638 nm broad area laser diode”
  • Eiichiro Okahisa (Nichia) *
    “Recent Advances in GaN-based Laser Diodes for Laser Displays”
  • Yasufumi Fujiwara (Osaka University) *
    “Development of Semiconductors Intra-center Photonics; Manipulation of Eu luminescence in Eu-doped GaN by Control of Photon Fields”
  • Taiga Fudetani (University of Tokyo) *
    “Characteristics of GaN Tunnel Junction Contacts for LEDs Prepared by Pulsed Sputtering”
  • Motohiro Makiguchi (NTT Service Evolution Lab)
    “360-degree table-top type glassless 3D screen technology”
  • Gong-Ru Lin (National Taiwan University)
    “R/G/B Laser Diode Mixed White Lighting Communication”
  • Daisuke Iwai (Osaka University)
    “Laser Projector in Augmented Reality”
  • Fergal Shevlin (DYOPTYKA)
    “Homogenization Without Scattering of Laser Illumination”
  • Misako Kamiya (Koito Manufacturing)
    “Simulation of Detection Performance by LiDAR Location in Automated Vehicles”
  • Marcel Bursy (L-LAB)
    “Acousto optics in headlamps ? A new application in automotive laser lighting”
  • Claus Allgeier (Osram-Continental)
    “Current status and future prospects of laser headlamp”
  • Josh P Kemp (Lumentum Inc.)
    “Technical Challenges in Laser and Lidar Optical Sub-Assemblies for Automotive”
  • Anna Tatarczak (Finisar)
    “VCSEL Sensing for Automotive”
  • Wanhua Zheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    “Low vertical divergence angle and low coherence laser diodes for laser display”
  • Masaru Kuramoto (Stanley Electric)
    “High-output-power and high-temperature operation of a blue GaN-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser”
  • Junichi Kinoshita (Osaka University)
    “Color Speckle Measurement of Far Field Pattern of RGB Laser Modules”
  • Keisuke Hieda (Hioki E.E.)
    “A Study of the Angular Dependence of Chromaticity and Illuminance for Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors”
  • Hirotaka Yamada (Ushio)
    “Speckle Reduction in Laser Projector”
  • Jackin Boaz Jessie (NICT) **
    “Integral imaging based large-size see-through head up display for AR applications using DDHOE and projector”
  • Hee-Jin Choi (Sejong University) **
    “Analysis on the effect of a finite aperture of the floating lens to the formation of the viewing region in the integral floating display”
  • Toru Iwane (Nikon) **
    “Reconstruction of Rays in 3D space using a reverse system of a light field camera or a novel Aerial 3D light field display”

* Joint session with LEDIA
** Joint session with IP