Plenary Talks

  • Dr. Kengo Ka (Digital Projection)
    “Laser based 8K projectors – Market and the state-of-the-art products- (tentative)”

Other speakers are now under negotiation.

Invited Talks

  • Prof. Wanhua Zheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    “Low vertical divergence angle and low coherence laser diodes for laser display”
  • Dr. Motohiro Makiguchi (NTT Service Evolution Lab)
    “360-degree table-top type glassless 3D screen technology”
  • Prof. Gong-Ru Lin (National Taiwan University)
    “Red/green/blue LD mixed white-light communication”
  • Dr. Chris Kocot (Finisar)
    “VCSEL Sensing for Automotive”
  • Dr. Shlomo Mehari (U.C.S.B.)
    “Laser based lighting for automotive”
  • Dr. Andre Wong (Lumentum)
    “VCSEL for Automobile (tentative)”
  • Dr. Claus Allgeier (Osram-Continental)
    “Current status and future prospects of laser headlamp”
  • TBD (Koito Manufacturing)
    “Simulation of Detection Performance by LiDAR Location in Automotive Vehicles”

Multiple speakers are now under negotiation.