Plenary Speaker

  • Hidenori Kawanishi (Sharp, Japan)
    “IR/R/G/B Laser Diodes for Multi-Wavelength Applications”
  • Byoungho Lee (Seoul National Univ., Korea)
    “Recent Researches and Activities of Korean 3D Display Society”

Invited Speaker

Joint Session with LEDIA, IoT-SNAP

  • Takao Sawa (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Sc. and Tech., Japan)
    “Laser Diode Based Underwater Optical Wireless Communication”
  • Mitsuru Sugawara (QD Laser, Japan)
    “Recent Progress of Retinal Imaging Laser Technology”

Special Session: Visible lasers connecting automotive and human

  • Takuya Kitazono (Stanley, Japan)
    “Laser scanning headlamps”
  • Shin-ichi Nagahama (Nichia Corp., Japan)
    “GaN-based laser diodes for automotive applications”
  • Josef Schug (Lumileds Corp., Netherland)
    “Dynamic laser-based lighting for automotive headlamps”
  • Philipp Ansorg (AUDI AG, Germany)
    “The future of Automotive Lighting with LASER technology”
  • Takashi Inoue (Koito, Japan)
    “Application of Laser to Headlamps and Thermal Design”
  • Paul Rudy (SoraaLaser, USA)
    “Laser light technology for Automotive Applications”

Some are under negotiation.

Ordinary session

  • Masahiro Murayama (Sony, Japan)
    “Tentative: W-class green and blue laser diodes”
  • Jiyang Wang (Shandong Univ., China)
    “High efficiency green laser output from self-frequency doubling crystal”
  • Matthew E. Brand (MERL, U.S.A.)
    “Optimized Algorithm for Freeform Optics”
  • Jan Heller (Jenoptik, Germany)
    “Our capabilities in production of components and sub-assemblies for LIDAR”
  • Youichi Ochiai (Tsukuba Univ., Japan)
    “Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds: Tangible Holographic Plasma”
  • Zhaomin Tong (Shanxi Univ., China)
    “The Development of Speckle Reduction Technologies in Our Group for Laser Projection Displays: a Short Summary”
  • Jamieson Christmas (DARQI, U.K.)
    “Laser Holographic Head Up Displays”
  • Nan-Ei Yu (Gwangju Inst. Sc.and Tech., Korea)
    “Development of RGB Light source for Head-Up Display at Automobile”

Some are under negotiation.